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Save The Culture

 In the fall of 2014, out of St. Petersburg, Florida, Black Amir began its movement to

be a home for self-expression for all, and to bridge the gap between the youth and

their culture. The term Black Amir, is coined as one being royal, because we want

our society to be rich in culture with the power to influence.

This next generation represents a collection of our culture- the artists, the athletes,

the activists, the students, and the free-thinkers.

Save The Culture Project


Save The Culture | Feed The Culture

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Save The Culture Project

Location: Williams Park 330 2nd Ave North,

Saint Petersburg FL 33701 U.S.

To get the most out of the community we must begin by giving back, so thanks to all of your purchases we were able to start our Save The Culture Project. Thank You. Shot by @BrotherBam727



A name of someone on a balloon sent into the sky is a universal sign of gratitude to those we lost.  We use the balloon to show love to the ones we lost from police brutality.  It draws in attention from onlookers as it floats through the sky carrying a most important message.  A resounding message of taking away unnecessary violence with police, which the crowns of our caps echo with every wear. We want to save and inspire the culture, but to do this we must first ensure our generation is respected and valued.  The weapons used against victims must become a memory of the past that can’t remain in this world, like the message of a balloon let go.