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Save The Culture

 In the fall of 2014, out of St. Petersburg, Florida, Black Amir began its movement to

be a home for self-expression for all, and to bridge the gap between the youth and

their culture. The term Black Amir, is coined as one being royal, because we want

our society to be rich in culture with the power to influence.

This next generation represents a collection of our culture- the artists, the athletes,

the activists, the students, and the free-thinkers.

Save the Youth

Save the Youth, Save the Culture

Town Head Basic School located in Westmoreland. 

While in Jamaica, I had the opportunity to meet with the children and staff at Town Head Basic School in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

I enjoyed spending time with the children and getting to know them all collectively. They laughed and played--all as happy as any child could be. While interacting with them, I took it upon myself to ask what types of things they would like to have at school. Expecting to hear cars and dolls, they all said "pencils and books"!

The Youth

I was blown away hearing their pleas for such fundamental necessities--things that we have at our disposal and take for granted. So with them in mind, I established a GoFundMe page to help send school essentials to them. 

Our goal is to reach $800, which will go toward getting supplies for the children, ages 3-6. No donation is too small! Any donation will help and is appreciated. I have a P.O. Box if you would like to send supplies, or donate anything other than supplies:

PO BOX 530362

Please help BlackAmir reach our goal for the young, aspiring minds of Town Head Basic School in Westmoreland, Jamaica.